We believe communication is the key for building relationships. Exoticflavorsofindia.com just not believes in e-commerce, but believes in building relationships through customer delight. You ask us…. We tell you.

Q1. Why should we purchase products from ExoticFlavorsofIndia.Com?

Answer – ExoticFlavorsOfIndia.Com is all about easing your effort put in procuring regional delicacies from Iconic brands, . It’s about saving efforts, saving money and saving time to fulfil your desire to consume what you crave for.

On time home delivery will help you plan your parties, will help you get products which always wanted to relish but were not feasible to buy so far.

Make ExoticFlavorsOfIndia.com your gourmet partner and is here to help you get some of the most exotic, tasty and healthy foods that are available in Inida.

Q2. What kind of products do we sell?

Answer – We will provide you with a wide range of exotic food products you look forward to but don’t get in your neighborhood.

Q3. What about the products we want, but we don’t get it on ExoticFlavorsofIndia.Com?

Answer – We will try it doesn’t happen, but if it happens then will request a mail to feedback@exoticflavorsofindia.com, and we will try to list it soon in our product list and the same will be intimated to you.

Q4. Are there any prerequisites of ordering at ExoticFlavorsofIndia.Com?

Answer – No, not at all. The way you enter into any departmental store, the same way you enter into this virtual departmental store saving time, effort and money.

ExoticFlavorsofIndia.Com provides you with both online payment and cash on delivery payment options, so choice is just yours!

Q5. How can I make changes in my order before or after order confirmation?

Answer – Once your order is confirmed and if you wish to make any changes, please contact our Customer Support desk at +91-124-4041771.

We will try our level best to accommodate the changes.

Q6. How will I know if an item in my order is unavailable?

Answer – While placing the order the product you chose if unavailable will be shown as out of stock. But once your order is confirmed and due to unavoidable circumstances the product becomes unavailable then ExoticFlavorsofIndia.com will get in touch with you and inform you.

We will also give you alternate choices so that your need is met. You could choose to cancel it from the order or select a replacement, if available and the invoice will be edited accordingly.

In the case of pre-paid orders, the amount of cancelled products will be credited back to your account.