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Exotic California Almonds ( Badam )

Exotic California Almonds ( Badam )
Exotic Flavors of India, Delhi
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Almond (Badam) is a source of many nutrients which help in development of the brain. Almond induces high intellectual level and has been considered as an essential food item for growing children. Regular consumption of almonds helps to increase the level of high density lipoproteins (HDL) and reduce the level of low density lipoproteins (LDL), thereby effectively controlling cholesterol levels.
a rich sources of vitamins, andminerals and are considered thebest almond variety with light color,smooth skin and mild taste. Of allthe things tolove about almonds,this one should really get yourheart pumping: almonds provideseveral key nutrients that can helpsupport a healthy heart.
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About Brand
  • Exotic Flavors of India sources dry fruits from the best place of origin in the world and packs so that it reaches you safe and hygienic.
  • Make it a habit to carry some Exotic dry fruits with you, keep nibbling throughout the year , boosting your health and stamina.
Nutritional Value per 100g:Protein 21 g::Fat 49 g::Carbohydrate 22 g::Potasium::705mg::Sodium 1 mg
Make it a habit to carry some Exotic dry fruits with you and keep it on your office desk, take a bite whenever you feel like a small snack , a sure way to boost your health, energy and stamina

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