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Badam Karachi Halwa

Badam Karachi Halwa
Chaina Ram, Delhi
Rs 520

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Also known as corn starch halwa or rubber halwa, this chewy Indian sweet delicacy has an amazing taste to satisfy your sweet tooth. Its jelly like texture makes it stand out from the rest of the sweets and halwas. Often called Old Delhi's Mithai Lovers paradise, Chaina Ram is most famous for its variety of Karachi Halwas. Its Karachi Halwas are made from pure desi ghee and are delight for sweet lovers. This Karachi Halwa Plain from Chaina Ram has a goodness of cashew nuts and is favorite among all sweet lovers.
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About Brand
  • Often called Old Delhi's Mithai Lovers paradise, Chaina Ram is one of the really old sweet shop that has a strong reputation among sweet-lovers of the city.
  • With no franchisee and complete focus on quality and service standards, they have been receiving the, 'Best Sweet Shop Award' for 11 years from Times Food Guide.οΎ 
Protein 6.12 gm Fiber 0.50 gm Carbohydrates 79.76 gm Fat 6.21gm
Cornflour (araroth), Clarified Butter, Sugar, Saffron, Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios

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