About Us

Here is the story behind our company www.exoticflavorsofindia.com

Every region and city of India has a very rich food culture which has evolved over thousands of years. Urban India is becoming cosmopolitan with people migrating to different parts of India for work. They crave for their favorite food from their home town. People living in their home state also want to experiment and try food products from different parts of India.

At a typical airport or railway station, you see people carrying food packets of the iconic food products of that city they visited. People are wanting to experiment and explore new innovative food recipes and keep wanting to try out something new.

Currently, food ecommerce is limited to FMCG products or cooked food/restaurant delivery in hyper local markets. The big gap between demand and supply for Exotic food delicacies from various regions of India is the segment www.exoticflavorsofindia.com taps into. We deliver across India regional and international delicacies people crave for but are not available in their neighborhood or their city.

Our simple vision is to satisfy your cravings, longings and desire for consuming popular Indian and International sweets, namkeens, dry fruits, tea coffee, bakery and health products from iconic sweet shops across India with a simple click or a touch on the screen.

We are here to pamper you and delight you, always.